Dec 9, 2009

An unbelievable day!!XD

Date: 2009/12/05 (Saturday)

        This morning I woke up early, about 8 in the morning, then I went for a breakfast at Shi Min Xiao Zhan. Today ISC will have fall trip to Farglory Ocean Park^^. We met infront of the sport club and go by bus. It's about 40 minutes from our campus to go there by bus.
       After we arrived there, we directly go to the main gate and buy the ticket, and go inside, then start to explore the Ocean Park! before we play separately we took a pict.

           We played a lot of games and also see many show, which is fantastic and really nice!XD and the most cute things are the dolphins!! they are so cute and clever! they can understand what the trainer said and also can do some simple math!!XD, what I really want is, I hope that some day I will have opportunities to swim with dolphin and ride on them!^^

Beside the dolphin show, we also saw the sea lion show, they also very cute, and the most interesting is, the sea lion can  make expression that human do!
          After finished playing all the games, actually the park is not really big, so we can play all the games and watch all the show in a day, we meet at the main gate and move to restaurant where we have dinner. Latter, we went back to school and say good bye!
          When I back to dorm, there is one news shock me! my friend, from the room next door ask us to go to Luo Dong night market, then go for a night sing, then go to have spa at Jiao Xi in the morning!! Really crazy.. but I think it will be great, so I said OK, then start to ask other friends, totally we have 9 people to go together!! we go to rail station and go by train at 10 pm to Luo Dong, the things that make me happy is; this time i have a chance to go by Taroko,  I never go on it! Really fast and clean!!

         We arrived at the Luo Dong about 11pm then go to night market and eat some food, take pictures, play games, etc. We go until 1.30 am before we go to "Holiday" to have night sing!

 Bellow are some picts that we took while we go walk for night market

And because we are MED's student, so we also form a MED:

Then we move to "Holiday" to sing until 5.30 in the morning, and go by train to Jiao Xi, to have spa, it was great because the weather is so cold that morning, and we have a hot water spa, and also many games and different kinds of pool there!^^

After finished having spa, we get ready to go back to Hualien, everybody really tired and while waiting for the train, most of us get some sleep at the station

Then, finally our train comes and we go back to Hualian!^^

See my face?? really tired...
But it was a Happy day!! Really Unbelievable, play three place in one day!!XD and it's not planned before!!^^ Really fun! next time, after the exam, I hope can go to other place^^


Nov 29, 2009

I Love Indonesia^^

Seeing many many friends from Indonesia come to Taiwan to join the training makes me so happy, I really missed them. When I met them all of us happy together, we chat a lot, and share many things!!^^

Today, I go to YouTube and see some commercial, and I saw new Garuda Indonesia commercial, with their new aircraft Airbus A330-200! They've changed the tail logo of the aircraft, and they put In Flight Entertainment, and more facilities than the old one. I really hope can have a chance and flight with it!^^ here is Garuda Indonesia theme song: "My Pride"

I will stand by you for country and for home!!

In Bahasa Indonesia is " Kebanggaanku"

melayang tinggi, menjelajah segala benua

mengibarkan sang saka, menebar citra bangsa
ke seluruh dunia terbanglah

Garuda Indonesia
kebanggaan bersama yang selalu kita bela

Garuda Indonesia
akan kujaga demi nusa bangsa

selalu kujaga kesetiaan kepercayaan
dari para sahabat Garuda Indonesia
senantiasa bersama

Garuda Indonesia
kebanggaan bersama yang selalu kita bela

Garuda Indonesia
akan kujaga demi nusa bangsa

Garuda Indonesia
akan kujaga demi nusa bangsa

akan kujaga demi nusa bangsa

I really proud of it, here is the newest TVC of Garuda Indonesia

Indonesia is growing, and I hope that Indonesia can go forward more, and I promise that I will go back and
together to make Indonesia better.
I love Indonesia, Indonesian people have a nice and friendly attitude which make you feel as one family
Indonesia is a country with many diversity, but all of us are one in diversity.

I really missed my lovely country Indonesia,
All Indonesian people who living, studying, or working abroad,
let's do something together to make a better Indonesia.

Really thank's God that I can be born in Indonesia, and I proud to become Indonesian.
There is no second place better than Indonesia.

Indonesia the only place that I call home.

Aku cinta Indonesia!^^

Oct 23, 2009

Tzu Chi University 15th Anniversary

Date: 10/23/09
Location: Hualien Tzu Chi University- Taiwan

Weather: Sunny then Cloudy

Hahaha, it has been a long time ago since my second post in my blog!wakakaka

but today, i have something that i want to remember and share..

because this things will be very rare in my campus life!

and the thing is......

My campus, TCU, 15th anniversary!!!(Happy Birthday!!!)

three days before the anniversary the weather forecast was reporting that will be rain because of typhoon on Friday. School is planning to have a sport competition to celebrate the 15th anniversary on that day, so we just hopping that the rain will not come on that day!!

today, when i open my eyes in the morning, i saw a shinny light from the window, which mean the weather was sunny^^!

after arriving at the grass field of my campus, I joined the opening ceremony, every faculty enter the field discipline in two lines, first the headmaster had a speech about the anniversary of our campus and thanks to GOD for the clear day today.

After that, there were two students who represent all the competitor to have a swear that all of us will respect each other, compete sportively and will follow the rule, plus referee instruction.

when they sworn, we listen to the National anthem of Taiwan, this is my first time listening to national anthem of Taiwan, but there is no people singing, all people just hearing the music from the speaker...then i asked my friend for the lyric..

after all the opening ceremony finished, there was a Wu Shu show, it's really fantastic, one of my classmate, Tang Yi, was performing the show!they are so well organized! everybody do the same action in the same time!!!!they also waving our campus flag and wu shu flag!!the most interesting is the uniform!, it designed with blue sky and white cloud theme, which is so Chinese, and my friend said it cost about NT$2500!!so cool(and expensive)!hahaha

Next, the competition was started, the first one is running competition and ball throwing!!this time i do not join any competition except the marathon competition, so i stand at the side of the running track and screaming to give a courage to my friends and other competitor!!it was so happy and interesting seeing the competition and scream until my throat sore!hahaha

Our junior, Med98, has a great running athlete, he can run very fast and got a lot of first place prize!!so amazing, he run like a wind!! when he come back, we threw him in the air!!!

after the man competition, it was the turn for woman competition, and Hwei yuen joined 800m running competition!!! She has training for it this week!!!Jia you!!!!
in this competition, Med98 got many rank, our class, Med97, and our senior, Med95, said that they are athlete class!!! Beside Med98, we also have PT98 as our junior, they are the new faculty in our campus this year, but they joined every competition!!Good Job! I saw that they are really compact and courage each other!!so brilliant!! I really hope that Med97 also can be like that!T T

Not long after the competition of 1600m relay, it was the time for group relay competition, which is represent each faculty!!they are 20 peoples relaying, with 100m for each! this time, i got the 4th turn. after the gun fired, the competition started and i was so panic, waiting the 3rd student to pass the stick, when i got the stick, I run as fast as I can, and I get over 2 competitor!!yessss!!!!^^, the result we got third place for this relay!!!!so happy!!^^

After the running competition finished, there was a interactive competition!! the game rules are: we must turn around with our forehead stick on the baseball stick for 8 rounds, then we must run to reach the basket and throw the ball into the basket!! There are many people got headache after turning around and run like a drunk people!! So funny!!wakakakaka...

At the middle of the competition, my friend, Yu Tai, perform the "Nobody" dance, when the music played, and at that time, many people look at him and get around him and give a big applause plus scream!!hahaha I wave the school flag behind him as a background!!hahaha
so funny!!^^, beside that, we also dance "Da Bao Zou" which is the theme song for this year freshman camp!so high!!!

o ya, in this competition I got my name called three times by the MC(our PE teacher!)so embarassing!!! btw, today i got a lot of fun and fell energized!!!XD
Teacher also have a young blood! Headmaster also join the competition!!^^

at the closing ceremony, Medical faculty get a lot of prize and we scream and jump every time the MC called our faculty!! at the end we see the birthday PPT in our class, it was so funny that some of that have a funny story inside the slide!!

at the end we all get exhausted and ready to fill our energy to face Biochem...!!!^^

Today is a wonderful day and happy day! I love it!!XD

well, see you again in the next post (I don't know when)!!hahaha

Mar 24, 2009

New Hair Style

this morning I have been waken up by so horrible 6.30 my roomate's alarm, the worst thing was the alarm keeps ringing and the owner did not realized it!!!(are you deaf?or dead ady?!?!), it's already happened since last week!!!!!!!!!

trying to be calm, then go to school, of course took a breakfast first!^^
after the computer class, I phoned the Indomie shop to deliver the Indomie that I booked yesterday, then waiting for it.
when my phone rang me and Hui Yun go to take it and move it to the ISU with helped from Kai Li and Xin Yu.

Later, about 11, I went to get my haircut
wow, this is my first time for me not to cut the 'botak' style!!><
and the result is.......

hehe, this is my new hair style!^^
let's make comparison with the old one...

not so much different actually..but it's not like a ball anymore!hehehehe!>

I will try to hold it until little longer, so it can come down and more neat, not standing all the time.
at the noon after the lunch, me and Hui Yun went back to dorm to change uniform, because the teacher asks us to wear formal uniform this time, well it's little bit 麻煩
but ok la

the things that embarrassed me was; when I come into the 250B, all of my classmate shout on me about my hair style....waa.....I can hear my name shouted so loudly at this room!!!my face turned red as tomato!!!

at first, I'm planning to go swimming after the chemist class, but because the weather was not so good, so I decided to have dinner.hehehe^^I ate fried rice for dinner..hmm..not bad^^
after dinner I went back to ISU to type report, then at the night, me and others who at ISU went to Jia Yuan to eat 薏仁綠豆 and celebrating Julie's birth day!^^

It's another good day
hope tomorrow will be better.^^

Mar 21, 2009

10 公里跑步

early in the morning, when the sun haven't woken up yet, TCU run tract fulfilled by energetic teenagers. What happen???
the answer is..... today is the 10 Km running competition from Tzu Chi University to the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall.
Before the competition start, all of us do the warming up, the leader is terrible, they ask us to dance, ya..something like boring.. 
not long from that, the gun was shot an everybody start to run!!!!
for the beginning it's really easy and did not feel any difficulties, but not until the first stop, at the first stop i start to feel exhausted....huhuhhhhuhh....well there were some Ci Cheng father and Yu De mother giving us spirit to keep going...the funny one was, when one of them said that the I almost there, they said just turn right in the front and you would reach the finish line!!!
hearing that, I start to rush...wozzzzzzzzzzz..
when I turned right, there was a long street about 2 KM in front of my face!!what?!?!
can't talking anymore and just keep running..
finally i found the grey building which is the speciality of Tzu Chi's building....
that time my heart beat growing fast and I rushed for the second time...and....finally.....
I reach the GOAL!!!YEeeeeeeeeeeeeaahhhH!!!

At the finish line me and Mr.Lee waiting for other friends, then one by one reached the finish line, starting from the tomato face Ya Ru, then Julie, Ying En, Yoo Khon, Big whale...then when waiting the other me and Julie giving the other support we shout and giving them Jia You!!!
but I heard that one of the banner holder looking at me with wierd what!!!(I'm not shouting for you! Just hold your banner and do your things!)
finally Jenifer and Hui Yun came, then we go inside together to eat breakfast!!yummyyyyyyy!^^

The prize giving ceremony was started. before the ceremony start, Master Cheng Yen told us that no matter who won today..all of us are champion!^^
one of ISC member, Yu Khun, got the 16th place and got the trophy and certificate for it!Congratzzz!!!

It's really tiring, but from the competition I can feel every bodies spirit and fun! and I've learned not to stop trying until you reach your goal!^^
what a tiring and beautiful day..^^
hope tomorrow will be better