Mar 24, 2009

New Hair Style

this morning I have been waken up by so horrible 6.30 my roomate's alarm, the worst thing was the alarm keeps ringing and the owner did not realized it!!!(are you deaf?or dead ady?!?!), it's already happened since last week!!!!!!!!!

trying to be calm, then go to school, of course took a breakfast first!^^
after the computer class, I phoned the Indomie shop to deliver the Indomie that I booked yesterday, then waiting for it.
when my phone rang me and Hui Yun go to take it and move it to the ISU with helped from Kai Li and Xin Yu.

Later, about 11, I went to get my haircut
wow, this is my first time for me not to cut the 'botak' style!!><
and the result is.......

hehe, this is my new hair style!^^
let's make comparison with the old one...

not so much different actually..but it's not like a ball anymore!hehehehe!>

I will try to hold it until little longer, so it can come down and more neat, not standing all the time.
at the noon after the lunch, me and Hui Yun went back to dorm to change uniform, because the teacher asks us to wear formal uniform this time, well it's little bit 麻煩
but ok la

the things that embarrassed me was; when I come into the 250B, all of my classmate shout on me about my hair style....waa.....I can hear my name shouted so loudly at this room!!!my face turned red as tomato!!!

at first, I'm planning to go swimming after the chemist class, but because the weather was not so good, so I decided to have dinner.hehehe^^I ate fried rice for dinner..hmm..not bad^^
after dinner I went back to ISU to type report, then at the night, me and others who at ISU went to Jia Yuan to eat 薏仁綠豆 and celebrating Julie's birth day!^^

It's another good day
hope tomorrow will be better.^^

Mar 21, 2009

10 公里跑步

early in the morning, when the sun haven't woken up yet, TCU run tract fulfilled by energetic teenagers. What happen???
the answer is..... today is the 10 Km running competition from Tzu Chi University to the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall.
Before the competition start, all of us do the warming up, the leader is terrible, they ask us to dance, ya..something like boring.. 
not long from that, the gun was shot an everybody start to run!!!!
for the beginning it's really easy and did not feel any difficulties, but not until the first stop, at the first stop i start to feel exhausted....huhuhhhhuhh....well there were some Ci Cheng father and Yu De mother giving us spirit to keep going...the funny one was, when one of them said that the I almost there, they said just turn right in the front and you would reach the finish line!!!
hearing that, I start to rush...wozzzzzzzzzzz..
when I turned right, there was a long street about 2 KM in front of my face!!what?!?!
can't talking anymore and just keep running..
finally i found the grey building which is the speciality of Tzu Chi's building....
that time my heart beat growing fast and I rushed for the second time...and....finally.....
I reach the GOAL!!!YEeeeeeeeeeeeeaahhhH!!!

At the finish line me and Mr.Lee waiting for other friends, then one by one reached the finish line, starting from the tomato face Ya Ru, then Julie, Ying En, Yoo Khon, Big whale...then when waiting the other me and Julie giving the other support we shout and giving them Jia You!!!
but I heard that one of the banner holder looking at me with wierd what!!!(I'm not shouting for you! Just hold your banner and do your things!)
finally Jenifer and Hui Yun came, then we go inside together to eat breakfast!!yummyyyyyyy!^^

The prize giving ceremony was started. before the ceremony start, Master Cheng Yen told us that no matter who won today..all of us are champion!^^
one of ISC member, Yu Khun, got the 16th place and got the trophy and certificate for it!Congratzzz!!!

It's really tiring, but from the competition I can feel every bodies spirit and fun! and I've learned not to stop trying until you reach your goal!^^
what a tiring and beautiful day..^^
hope tomorrow will be better