Oct 15, 2010

First Mistake

Today I got the job to remove our silent mentor's heart and trace the vessels on it.

Still remember how exciting I am when I got this job, this is my first time to see the real human heart!!
First I started to cut of the pericardium, I saw the heart and cut the SVC, ascending aorta, pulmonary trunk, etc. to detach the heart from the mediastinum. After that, I start to trace the coronary arteries and their branches, also the cardiac vein. I start on the right coronary artery which start at the opening on the right aortic sinus. When I want to trace it, I use probe to locate the position, but unfortunately when I push in my probe, I saw a hole!! I broke it!!! arghhh...!this is the first time in the lab for me to cut such big artery! what a horrible mistake, plus when I trace the other branches I also broke the veins!It's really thin!

That day I feel really sorry to my team and my silent mentor for such stupid mistake,  but what I learned was how to control your emotion and keep on the work and finish it!

Thankz to my teachers and friends who has taught me a lot, I will become better, and I believe that I will success in the next lab course!

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