Oct 15, 2010

First Mistake

Today I got the job to remove our silent mentor's heart and trace the vessels on it.

Still remember how exciting I am when I got this job, this is my first time to see the real human heart!!
First I started to cut of the pericardium, I saw the heart and cut the SVC, ascending aorta, pulmonary trunk, etc. to detach the heart from the mediastinum. After that, I start to trace the coronary arteries and their branches, also the cardiac vein. I start on the right coronary artery which start at the opening on the right aortic sinus. When I want to trace it, I use probe to locate the position, but unfortunately when I push in my probe, I saw a hole!! I broke it!!! arghhh...!this is the first time in the lab for me to cut such big artery! what a horrible mistake, plus when I trace the other branches I also broke the veins!It's really thin!

That day I feel really sorry to my team and my silent mentor for such stupid mistake,  but what I learned was how to control your emotion and keep on the work and finish it!

Thankz to my teachers and friends who has taught me a lot, I will become better, and I believe that I will success in the next lab course!

Oct 9, 2010

First Scapel

I have seen a lot of surgery in free medical clinic activity held by Tzu Chi since I was senior high. every time I saw a doctor with a scalpel and start to operate on the patient, I really hope that one day I also can become a doctor and grip the scalpel and start to operate on patient to relieve their sickness.
Three weeks ago when I had my first day of Gross anatomy lab. course, I entered the laboratory and stand beside our Silent mentor and start to pray; "teacher Lee, thanks for your sacrifice and your love to teach us about human anatomy, I will learn with my heart and I won't let you disappoint. please teach us and bring us to learn about the human mystery. thank you". After the prayer ended, we go to the preparation desk to get the blade from our teachers, then we start to equip the scalpel with the blade.

When I want to start my first blade, my heart start to race, this is my first time in my life to dissect on a person to learn about human architecture which I've waited for a long time!! well maybe it sounds crazy but the spirit to learn about human structure really pushing my mind!! That day also my first time to see muscle, vessels, nerve, etc. I think this is one of wonderful experiences in my life!

We did the lab for four hours, it sounds tiring but not for me, because I enjoyed every second, every minute in the lab and try to seize the chance to learn. this is the beginning of my third medical year, which I've waited since I enter the medical school. I really enjoy it and start to love it, although the courses are heavier than first and second year. I really grateful to have a chance to learn medical school at TCU, this university has a caring and great professors and teachers who teach me about the art of life!

It just the beginning of the journey, still have a long way to go, I believe that I will find and learn a lot of things in this journey! This journey will become one of my best memories in my life!

once again, thank you silent mentor, you teach us with your body in spite of your voice, you teach us with your life experience, your spirit will motivate us and we will learn a lot from you, we will go ahead and become a caring and patient doctor to serve more human being, thank you.