Dec 9, 2009

An unbelievable day!!XD

Date: 2009/12/05 (Saturday)

        This morning I woke up early, about 8 in the morning, then I went for a breakfast at Shi Min Xiao Zhan. Today ISC will have fall trip to Farglory Ocean Park^^. We met infront of the sport club and go by bus. It's about 40 minutes from our campus to go there by bus.
       After we arrived there, we directly go to the main gate and buy the ticket, and go inside, then start to explore the Ocean Park! before we play separately we took a pict.

           We played a lot of games and also see many show, which is fantastic and really nice!XD and the most cute things are the dolphins!! they are so cute and clever! they can understand what the trainer said and also can do some simple math!!XD, what I really want is, I hope that some day I will have opportunities to swim with dolphin and ride on them!^^

Beside the dolphin show, we also saw the sea lion show, they also very cute, and the most interesting is, the sea lion can  make expression that human do!
          After finished playing all the games, actually the park is not really big, so we can play all the games and watch all the show in a day, we meet at the main gate and move to restaurant where we have dinner. Latter, we went back to school and say good bye!
          When I back to dorm, there is one news shock me! my friend, from the room next door ask us to go to Luo Dong night market, then go for a night sing, then go to have spa at Jiao Xi in the morning!! Really crazy.. but I think it will be great, so I said OK, then start to ask other friends, totally we have 9 people to go together!! we go to rail station and go by train at 10 pm to Luo Dong, the things that make me happy is; this time i have a chance to go by Taroko,  I never go on it! Really fast and clean!!

         We arrived at the Luo Dong about 11pm then go to night market and eat some food, take pictures, play games, etc. We go until 1.30 am before we go to "Holiday" to have night sing!

 Bellow are some picts that we took while we go walk for night market

And because we are MED's student, so we also form a MED:

Then we move to "Holiday" to sing until 5.30 in the morning, and go by train to Jiao Xi, to have spa, it was great because the weather is so cold that morning, and we have a hot water spa, and also many games and different kinds of pool there!^^

After finished having spa, we get ready to go back to Hualien, everybody really tired and while waiting for the train, most of us get some sleep at the station

Then, finally our train comes and we go back to Hualian!^^

See my face?? really tired...
But it was a Happy day!! Really Unbelievable, play three place in one day!!XD and it's not planned before!!^^ Really fun! next time, after the exam, I hope can go to other place^^


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